3rd Thursday Performance!

Courtney Getzin leads the advanced ensemble
This was the scene for yesterday's performance: a clear blue sky, warm, with a windy breeze. We set up at the beautiful archway at Palace Park and started playing!

The crowd at our performance
In the crowd there were lots of friends, family members and children from other groups there to see our concert. It's all about support: we rely on the community to support our kids!

Armani Bedford leading the group
Leadership is an important part of any community, and an orchestra is no different. There were three student leaders at the concert yesterday who served as mature role models for the rest of the group. 

The crowd: supportive and appreciative
The Pittsfield community has embraced Kids 4 Harmony on every level. Volunteers, longtime supporters and passerbys came together to see and hear the kids yesterday. One only had to look into the crowd to see how much this group of children means to out community. Thank you, Pittsfield!