Back to Back Concerts!

To sum up last week at Kids 4 Harmony: smiling faces, bows triumphantly in the air, the players looking out at the crowd; an audience looking back at the "cute kids" who have suddenly proven themselves to be dedicated, skilled musicians.

This was the scene after each performance, at both of our concerts last week. Every child had an opportunity to shine, from the Beginning Ensemble right up to the Advanced Ensemble. The amazing thing is, when people are given an opportunity to shine, they take it. The El Sistema philosophy proves that in a resounding way.

The community has responded to Kids 4 Harmony in an equally resounding way. An audience member at our Stockbridge concert donated $100 on the spot. Families, staff and even strangers were moved to tears, were wowed, laughed, and cried... The success of this program is just so obvious that it doesn't need words. 

The Berkshire Eagle ran a front-page article featuring the Stockbridge concert. Click here to read it.

And a big thank you to the Tuesday Club, the families, and the supporters who made the astounding concerts possible. 

Kids 4 Harmony's Advanced Ensemble plays with confidence and focus