New Instruments!

Four new violins and two new cellos have arrived! These instruments are new, high-quality pieces that will last us a long time. Here is a photo:

YES, that says Berkshire Children and Families inside! We are officially the first social services organization to have our name on a violin! Still, the picture does not do justice to the instrument:

These instruments are hand-made, but perhaps more important, they are hand-varnished. This means that the varnish is much thinner and the wood will vibrate more and sound much warmer. Not many kids get to play on such beautiful instruments.

We also got ten bows, which were desperately needed!

These instruments were given to us by Classics For Kids, an incredible organization that shares our exact values. A friend of Kids 4 Harmony generously gave matching grant support.

Along with these instruments, the master craftsman Francis Morris will be coming by later today to drop off a quartet of instruments. He has also donated a number of quality shoulder rests - check back on Monday for more pictures!